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Executive Steward 

Manages foodservice/housekeeping operations of 100+ customers, with catering crew of 10 or more the norm. The typical Executive Steward has excellent communication and leadership skills, has extensive experience planning and costing menus, training staff, and has a positive customer service attitude.



Manages foodservice/housekeeping operations and is directly responsible for preparing meals while supervising a crew of 7 or less. The typical Steward has good communication and leadership skills, can plan and cost menus, train staff, and has a positive customer service attitude.


Night Cook / Baker 

This position is for those who wish to move up to a Steward/Executive Steward position. Required skills include ability to assist with preparation of and follwing a menu, ability to prepare short-order breakfast and grill items, work with larger cuts of meat and prepare a wide variety of baked goods from scratch. The Night Cook/Baker may work alone or supervise up to two people.


Galley Hand 

This is an entry level position for those who want to learn the field. Basic skills are taught, and the primary requirement is an ability to follow instructions and to have a team-centered approach to work.



You must certify that:


You are not afraid of heights, flying, or flying in a helicopter.


You are not afraid of water, the ocean, and that you know how to swim.


You have worked offshore and have offshore experience.




I have read the above information and understand that if I fail to complete my employment application completely and properly that ESS Support Services may refuse to hire me. Apply Here




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